InterACT designs and delivers highly interactive workshops using role play simulation and drama based training in combination with the latest business theory models.  We have particular expertise in creating business simulations – rich, multi-layered, immersive learning experiences that reflect the reality of complex, rapidly changing environments, where the power of communication is critical.

Feedback from our clients consistently highlights that we create outstanding realism, highly engaged participants and learning about communication that is tangible and directly relevant to the individual’s work environment.

We design and deliver training workshops in three main area's: Leadership & Management, Sales & Service and Interpersonal Skills. All of our training programs are conducted In Company and are tailored to suit the needs of your business. Our courses are available as a short learning bite (1-2 hours), half day workshop (4 hours) or as extended course (1-6 days). Contact us here for a customized proposal. 

​Sales & Service​

* Building client relationships
* Delivering great service
* Intro to sales
* Managing a sales team
* Negotiation skills
* Leading customer service
* The sales professional


​Leadership & Management

* Coaching skills for managers​
* Effective people management
* Leadership skills - Leading others
* Leadership skills - Leading self
* Emerging leaders program
* Effective workplace relationships

* Leading cross cultural teams

Interpersonal Skills

* Assertive Communication​
* Conflict resolution
* Effective communication
* Difficult conversations
* Emotional intelligence
* Presentation skills
* Stress Management