​​​Role Play for Personal Development

This form of role play allows leaders to rehearse critical conversations in a safe and supportive environment. Participants bring to these sessions details of a challenging conversation they need to have in the workplace. They brief our actor on the character, circumstances and issues to be addressed. The conversation then plays out, with the participant given the opportunity to ‘road test’ skills and ideas and receive constructive feedback afterwards. Critical conversations are those in which the stakes are high so clear, effective communication is imperative.

​​Role Play for Training

There are so many uses of role play in the training room and your courses can benefit from using any or all of them. Interactive sessions throughout a training day get your staff observing, thinking, talking, discussing and participating in the dozens of subjects that can be covered. 

From customer service to performance management. Breaking bad news to personal impact. Bullying and diversity issues to negotiation skills… training on any subject that requires interaction between staff, customers, clients, stakeholders or the public can be enhanced with our professional role play actors. ​


At InterACT we have the best role play actors for your workshop, conference, coaching or assessment centre. Our actors remain objective throughout the sessions and they are trained in the art of communication. They provide positive and constructive feedback to aid ongoing development and are always inspiring to work with.

Our role play actors offer flexible, stimulating and challenging learning experiences with the use of role play. The scenarios played out by our actors can be created before the session or can emerge through a direct dialogue with the participants.

All our sessions are designed to:

  • Develop or test the potential of your people quickly and effectively.
  • Improve their performance, confidence and interpersonal skills.
  • Build productive, trusting and rewarding relationships with your people and clients.
  • Make training programs or communication messages “real” and allow for instant feedback.

Forum Theater

Forum Theater techniques can be a powerful additions to your (training) event, allowing participants to observe, comment, stop, restart and take part in a variety of situations, changing the course of the story and it’s impact. Especially useful when tackling difficult or contentious issues. 

Roleplayers can say and portray situations that might be difficult for your staff to recreate for themselves. With an opportunity to change the outcome or discuss what is unfolding in front of them, participants get truly involved in situations, gaining greater understanding about impact and consequences.​​

Role Play for Recruitment   

​If you’re recruiting for a customer facing role, or for one which requires team leadership or management skills, you will want to see how candidates interact with others when under pressure or being challenged. With one of our professional role players, you can add an authentic scenario to your recruitment process. 

Whether you choose to use ‘off the shelf’ exercises, or to create bespoke exercises that reflect the specifics of your organisation, adding interactive elements to your recruitment/selection will complete the assessment picture, and assist you in making the right decision for your business.