Igor began his career in 1982 in the Australian soap opera Sons and Daughters. He is a well known Australian film, television and stage actor and he has been a long time professional role player for WA Police, Woodside, Rio Tinto and various other Oil & Gas companies.   

meet the team

We have a diverse team of associate role players all throughout WA. Our focus is to match the right people to each client program in terms of skill, experience and interpersonal style. Here’s an opportunity to meet a few of them.

Our Role play actors 

​Our professional role players are chosen to be part of the InterACT team for a number of reasons:

- business experience to suit the credibility of the client base;
- their understanding of the learning environment;
- being trained in giving feedback to the learner; personality and match to ours and our clients’ values;
- their ability to convincingly ‘play’ a role; their flexibility in the training environment.

The role-players, during a role-play will have multiple levels of awareness:

- The content of the role-play;
- The experience of the participant ~ their aim is to keep each participant in the stretch zone;
- The learning context for the individual;
- The learning context for the course;
- Their own emotional responses;
- Noting and remembering key events for feedback purposes.


Allan is a performer and theatre maker, splitting his creative calendar between Perth and London. He ventured into theatre to create meaningful work for himself and others. As a role play professional he aims to create high impact learning experiences both here and abroad. You can see Allan in action HERE. 


Taryn is a WAAPA graduate who has worked as a role play actor for corporate clients for several years. She is experienced with both in-house staff development as well as large group corporate events. She also recently finished her studies in educational psychology. As a role player she mostly loves the variety of experience. You can see Taryn in action HERE and HERE.  


Ann-Marie is an easy to work with, passion driven and professional role play actor. Ann-Marie has completed her performance training at WAAPA in Contemporary Performance and Theatre Studies; excelling in units such as Vocal Technique and Improvisation. Her life long passion is acting and education and she is known for her constructive, useful feedback.