By working with professional role play actors and with use of theatre based training methods, we create memorable learning experiences that will 'wow' your people and will maximise your training budget. 




About the founder 


My name is Janine de Muinck and I am the proud founder of InterACT Experiential Learning Solutions. I am also a certified corporate role play actor, business trainer and coach. For more than 10 years I worked in the Netherlands - a country on the forefront when it comes to the use of role play in training, testing and personal development. 

In 2012 I fell head over heals in love with Tim, a Kiwi living in Perth, and I decided to take a leap of faith and move countries. After having our two beautiful boys Sam and Ollie, I soon realised that I had not lost my passion for role play acting and this was the perfect opportunity to start my own business in Western Australia and introduce my ideas and programs to a new audience.

My qualifications include a Bachelor in Arts (Drama Teaching) and associate degrees in Corporate Role Play Acting, Training & Assessment and Sales & HR Management. Coming from both a theater background as well as a business training one, I carved out a rather special niche for myself leading to using both skills in Corporate Australia. 

My loved ones, colleagues and clients describe me as passionate, impatient, knowledgeable, honest, positive, stubborn, professional, forthright (probably my Dutch genes...) and with a good sense of humour. 

What challenge is your organisation facing? What's your biggest ambition for the year ahead? Whatever you want to share, I'd love to start a conversation. You can contact me HERE directly.  

InterACT is specialised in learning by doing. We provide role play sessions and interactive training workshops that make people InterACT even more successfully. Thus we create the highest retention rate of learning for our clients. 

At InterACT we believe that practice makes perfect. We are passionate about  helping people interACT better because we believe that great interpersonal skills are key to success in business, our personal lives and in our social relations.