Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Role Play Based Training?

Our success is built on the value that our professional role players bring to a learning experience. The experiential learning that our participants experience in our training sessions fosters the highest level of engagement and practical learning. It ensures that learning outcomes can be immediately applied back in the workplace. No other form of training offers such direct results. 

How can you put the minds of my staff at rest? They hate role-play.

Our experience is that anyone who’s hated role-play in the past comes away having enjoyed every minute of their InterACT experience. The most common feedback we get is that participants found the practice opposite actors to be the most valuable element of the training workshop.

What kind of feedback will participants get?

Feedback will be directly linked to business needs and learning objectives. This feedback can be about strategy, behaviours or about the verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication. ​Often this feedback will take the form of exploring the effects of the actions on the character opposite whom they are practising.

What value do your role play actors add to our own in-house training?  

The use of our experienced actors for your own in-house training enables you to get the highest ROI on your training and learning investments. Situations and scenarios are realistically presented to groups of people by professionals – often triggering “Eureka” moments in delegates, as the crux of the matter is played out before their very eyes.​ 

How much is this going to cost?

As much – or as little – as you need it to. Whatever you’re after, we will help tailor a project that can realistically meet your needs, and your budget. 

How can I ensure information about my organisation will be properly handled?

InterACT understands the importance of maintaining a strict code of confidentiality regarding the information we receive, and all information you share with us about your business will be handled as such. 

And how does that apply to people attending any workshops?

Maintaining the confidence of the participants is vital to the integrity of the work we do, so any issues raised or information shared by your people remains within the training room.​