At InterACT it is our mission is to help people communicate clearly and candidly at work so they can build high-quality, trust based relationships with customers, colleagues, line-managers and any other stakeholders. 

We achieve this by providing learning experiences with impact, challenging our participants on intellect, interaction and interpersonal skills.

With our training & coaching programs, presentations and role play solutions we provide hands on experiences for a wide range of employee development programs. 

Our unique point of difference being our drama based approach and our professionally trained roleplayers  who bring business theory to life and help overcome the biggest business and leadership challenges.

Using the expertise of professional actors and role play, Drama Based Training brings complex business issues, processes and practices to life in accessible scenarios and allows for participants to practice new skills. 

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ABOUT the director  



For over 10 years Janine has been working with organizations to create positive and productive workplaces. Her clients often praise the dynamic energy she brings to a room and the combination of ‘Dutch Directness’, humour and focus that helps keep a group engaged and productive long into the afternoon.

Janine is considered an expert in Drama Based Training, which is the ultimate experiential change management tool, helping to identify, challenge and change behaviour in the workplace. 

In the past, Janine has worked extensively for the number one Dutch consulting firm in Drama Based Training both as Trainer and Actor. (www.bvo.nl) She has worked with international clients such as Ernst&Young, KPMG, Unilever and ING.

Janine is one of the first graduates of the ground-breaking Bachelor of Corporate Role play which is the first bachelor’s program in the world that offers in-depth study of the science and theory of drama based training.

Janine is an instructor for professional actors to become professional role players and she regularly delivers workshops to organizations and actors around the world.

Her work has been featured in Training & Development Magazine (AITD) and HROnline (AHRI). 

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