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Our Solution

Dramatically Different Learning

We transform your people’s communication and relationship skills. Our development programs explore proven theory and models – practically and experientially. We use the skills of professional role-players in this process. Our learning-by-doing methodology engages learners allowing them to explore and test different approaches in a safe, yet challenging real-life environment.

Your learners receive valuable first-person feedback, directly raising their awareness of their interpersonal impact. Developing a confident authentic personal brand.

Most importantly our training will leave a measurable, visible impact throughout your entire organisation.


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DRamatically transforming workplace training  

The Problem

It’s not Personal. It’s Interpersonal

People join companies but leave people. Dysfunctional behaviours can poison the workplace atmosphere; affect performance and damage both productivity and profits.

Policies and procedures can never make up for the damage done by leaders who are lacking personal awareness and interpersonal skills.

Successful, sustainable performance stems from people who know how to talk, listen and interrelate with one another. They create an open atmosphere and culture that in turn motivates and engages others.

Is the lack of clear and confident communication skills holding people within your team back? 

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